29 March 2013

Your Adventure Starts In A Tavern...

Welcome to The Adventurer's Tomb, a blog about Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

That's not all I want to focus on though. This blog will hopefully become a place that other Dungeon Masters can come to for ideas, inspiration, or just a place to tell others about this one awesome game they ran. Every now and then I'll have an entry on another game system just to mix things up. I plan on having several different topics to discuss frequently, such as villain ideas, interesting ways to use a particular race, tips on keeping things simple for DMs, instructions on how to do conversions of ready-made material to your system, how to use player meta-gaming against them, or even just talking about previous campaigns. The entries will be as noob-friendly as I can make them.

To help me get started with a ton of content in a very short time, I plan on doing the blogging A to Z challenge, where every day of the month of April except Sundays bloggers post new entries in alphabetical order. So April 1st would be A, April 2nd would be B, etc. Feel free to comment, share your own DMing experiences about the topic, suggest new topics, or whatever.

The first entry in the challenge will be called "A Is For Aboleth". Thanks for reading!


  1. Hello, just stopping by to wish you luck with the challenge :)


    1. Thanks! Got my first few entries already written.